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Colonel Chuck Brosnan sat in his office starring at his computer, one press of a key on the secure pc and he would transfer the $175 million to an offshore CIA account. He thought about his life up to this point, the hard work and dedication when he was a Special Forces lieutenant during the Vietnam war. Throughout deployments to shitholes around the world and then ending his military career well before Gulf war 1. Always fighting for the good cause. He earned enough medals and commendations to decorate a xmas tree, finally getting out as a full blown colonel. Slowly his enthusiasm wore off over the years as he realized how soldiers were treated as puppets to the people that pulled the strings. The politicians, lawyers, bankers, wall street manipulators and the corporations that made money from the conflicts started and run by these same people. He saw the wholesale greed by those in power and the money that was thrown at the dictators and power brokers in these conflicts. At the end of his military life, most of his action took place in Central America, dealing with the drug flow. Another lost cause in his mind.
When he left the military, he was picked up by the CIA for some contract jobs he had the skills for. This worked for him because he felt he was more involved and could work behind the scenes. The work started out in Central America but he transitioned to the Middle East, by then he was an official CIA team leader. His team was really making a dent in the opium trade when he was in a helicopter crash and tore up his leg. He was pulled out and ended up working a desk out of Langley. He ran his teams from his office during the period running through gulf war 1. By this time in his career, he was fully entrenched with the mindset that power and money behind the scenes was the way to fight this type of war. Being based near his home gave him the opportunity that many in the CIA didn’t have, a chance for a home life. His wife Betty was with him through the Vietnam period and all of his other deployments, they finally had a baby girl in 1994. They waited to have the baby until they were sure they would be in one place for a long period. It was hard for Betty as she was over 40 but things worked out just fine. JoAnn was their pride and joy, and then the big C got a hold of Betty, she died in 1998. Chuck was devastated over his loss, and he dove into his job. JoAnn suffered during these years with only the attention of a nanny. One day he heard JoAnn call the nanny ‘mommy’, that was it; he had to make a change. He reassessed his job and pulled back from the load and remarried in 2000, Hazel started out
trying too hard and JoAnn pushed her away. Hazel took it the wrong way and became the tyrant step mom. Chuck reached out and spent as much time with JoAnn as possible. Soon they were out doing father daughter stuff like shooting, fishing, camping… Chuck had a great time teaching her lots of tricks and lessons learned from his years of service. In high school JoAnn was a hit, she was a double black belt in karate, judo, street fighting, could pick a lock and skin a fish. She was tops in her classes, a wiz at math and sciences. She could code in various computer languages, also swimming, scuba diving, even a pilot’s license. Chuck was proud of her and knew she could take care of herself. She also knew how to spot the bullshit in people. It only took a couple of cocky football jocks at school to get their asses handed to them to earn everyone’s respect. Nobody messed with JoAnn. Chuck divorced Hazel in 2002 and said don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. It cost him plenty but it cemented his relationship with his daughter. Hazel cleaned him out and got a nice monthly alimony check out of him. He didn’t care, he was in tight with JoAnn and his years just passed, the war business was booming. Between the gulf wars, he was working on an idea he had and brought in a couple of CIA guys, a real money maker. He pointed out that the money that was paid out during the gulf war 1 and to other despots that Washington was cozy with. He explained how vast sums of money was terribly mis-managed, usually not even getting to the right people. It was embarrassing when truck loads of money would simply vanish. The idea made its way around the capital halls and a few key players were made aware of the waste that was taking place. Some of these players were making good money on kickbacks, but it was sporadic at best. Chuck said, control the waste and keep a small piece of each transfer. It didn’t take long for the politicos to figure out how much they could get skimming from each pile of money as it was handed out all over the world. They could see that a properly controlled system would net them much more than the sporadic kickbacks they were getting now. Also, they wouldn’t have to make trips to these dangerous locations to get their suitcase of money. So the clearing house operation was set up and it grew to what it is today. 3 CIA guys and 3 political hacks were placed inside the group. Only a few top politicians knew how it worked, and the Langley office was out of the loop for the most part. A small cut was set aside for a section chief who covered for the operation. The operation was pigeon holed in a way so that no oversight was needed. It was a very closely held secret all around. Once, a senator who was going to retire wanted the setup to continue when he was out of office or he was going to talk. His plane exploded and
that put an end to that kind of thinking. It also sent a clear message to the others, this was a perk as long as you went along. Everyone knew the rules and the political hacks kept a nice flow going to the select politicians. The 3 CIA guys got the lions portion as they had the contacts to ensure a smooth operation. The total skim for each money transfer was 5%. As Chuck had pointed out, this was much less than they were losing before, and now the funds were sent to where they were supposed to go. If a dictator or other recipient complained?, well planes do explode from time to time.
In the office, Adam Molder was the lead on the politico side, he had a second in command named Jim Jones. If Molder ever stopped short, Jones’ nose would go up his ass. The third politico was Scott Stevens, both Jones and Stevens were tight with powerful senators that would be in Washington for life it seemed. Molder was a butt buddy of the president and knew where lots of dirt was on lots of people. He knew never to get into a plane alone, that was his way of saying to the others in the office that he was staying.
The other two CIA guys were Dave Edwards and Harvey Reed. Both of them were heavy hitters in the CIA drug operations and money making schemes, they also had lots of experience with offshore banking. Like many on the edge CIA guys, they had a shady history and knew where the dirt was. Of all the players, I was the boy scout and I was in because it was my idea, I also didn’t fly much.
I ran through my adult life story in my mind in just a few moments. I was considering taking the whole 5% of this transfer. What did I have to lose, I just turned 65 and earlier in the week the doctor gave me the long look. I had the big C also, it was spread out all over and would develop quickly now. Over the years, on all the deployments, I had been injected by the doctors more times than I could remember. If that wasn’t enough, I had crawled through some nasty shit over the years. Sabotage on nuclear facilities and biologic research sites, even going back to agent orange from Vietnam. Actually I was surprised I had lasted this long, many friends that I knew from those missions had wasted away many years before.
So I said to myself, fuck it, do it and get out. Get JoAnn set up with enough to make a dent in anything she cares about. Since starting up this group I had managed to put away $50 million. It took over 15 years to accumulate the money, mostly $50-100,000 at a time. The 5% cut really
did get split up to many different people. The big problem with the scheme I set up was, what do you do with the money? You can’t spend it in the U.S. without the IRS crawling up your ass. Until I heard about the cancer I had no real plans on what to do. Sounds ridiculous now, I should have left when I had $10 million or $5 million, but leaving the group involved risk. We had a great setup, but we didn’t plan an exit. Everyone was paranoid that if someone left, the whole setup might come off the tracks. If the word ever got to the outside we knew we were in for a serious anal probing from those who weren’t involved. So it was easier to stay, it was like the mafia, once you’re in you can’t get out.
The other CIA guys in the group had similar sized bank accounts. The three politico guys had less because they were actually there working for their bosses and had to share with the guys upstairs. They were very envious of us but we were able to keep them in line because of our connection with the vast power of the CIA. We also had plenty of dirt on all of them and we had the skill set to enforce our will. It truly scarred them when we would tell our war stories. You could see the fear in their eyes if such things were done to them. But on the other hand, they had the power from the political side of the coin and desperate moves from non-tactical thinkers usually led to unpredictable actions. They could also reach out to people that could be equally lethal. So we had a happy balance going, no one trusted anyone and we all trusted each other to work together, a stalemate. Nobody wanted the dance to end.
Again, I was still looking at the screen. I had thought everything out pretty good. I had my own contacts in the offshore banking business. I knew how to disappear and travel using different identities. I would do the transfer to the CIA account at the office then I would use my own pc at home to make another transfer to my other account. By bouncing it through a couple of other banks the trail would be pretty hard to trace. First of all, even though it was technically a CIA account, it wasn’t on Langley’s known accounts. It was but it wasn’t, so nobody knew to look for it. For anyone on the outside, if they stumbled across the account, just thinking it was a CIA account would scare them off. Not many people wanted to take the risk. I already had my alternate passport ready in my case along with $200,000 in cash. I had prepared instructions for JoAnn on how to access the account and step by step instructions on all sorts of spy 101 stuff. Like going through airports with cash and not being hassled, where it was easier to do this and where to stay away from. How international banking worked and how to move money around. How to
stay out of the IRS eye and some black bag tricks that included some really neat software programs to do magic on computers and phones. Everything you needed to know. All I had to do was push the key, walk out for the weekend and disappear to the other side of the world. If I could get a head start on the rest of the group I would have a good chance of staying below radar until my medical situation would catch up with me. By then it wouldn’t matter. Everything was already in place to get to somewhere warm and get the package to JoAnn. Even the timing was right for the others in the office. They had all left for the long thanksgiving weekend with turkey, football and beer on their minds. I was here alone with Jim Jones, the little shit was always watching everyone, really annoying. I even had access to a government jet that was scheduled for a hop to New Zealand. It was easy to do an inter-agency tag along ride. My other identity was already setup in NZ, pick it up and then head off to Fiji to relax in the sun. The hard part was to get JoAnn to go. She had her own life and was in her third year at a university in Virginia. She had a boyfriend that was a lieutenant in the city police force there. He was a standup guy and I told that to JoAnn. She was ready for a new phase in her life and she worked hard for it.
I was looking at the screen, running through the setup, no one expected this money transfer to come through today. It wasn’t supposed to happen until next week. I came in this morning and by luck I just happened to see it come up on the main screen as I came into the office. I made a quick look out the window to our parking lot. Jim had not arrived yet due to traffic congestion on his drive in. Somebody’s misfortune on the freeway made the radio commute news so I knew I had time. I transferred the info into my office and have been thinking about it all morning. When Jim arrived he checked the computer first thing, his usual routine. I had cleared the log screen and a quick glance of the computer would show no activity. As long as no more transfers showed up on the system during the day it would go un-noticed. No other transfers were in the pipeline that we knew of so most likely they wouldn’t figure it out until after the long weekend. Even the senders of the message on the political side would have left for the weekend. The setup was perfect except for Jim Jones, he would know once I went to the secure pc and processed it.
I was startled when I looked up and saw Jim knocking on the open door. I had more or less been sitting and staring at my computer all morning and not realizing it.
Jim asked if I was okay.
I snapped out of it quickly and just said I had a real bad night with my leg and I was just zoning out. I mentioned it’s really a boring day but we have to man the fort.
Jim smiled a little then asked if I wanted anything from the deli across the street.
I looked at my watch and saw that it was 12:45 pm, the moment arrived and I grabbed it, ‘sure, how about a beef sub, you know, the regular’.
Jim said ‘ok’ and I handed him $10 for the sandwich. Jim had been bored all morning and wanted to get the day over with so he could take the boat out all weekend.
I asked him, ‘you got the sloop all loaded up’?, knowing he was planning on going out.
He said, ‘yes, the wife has everything at home and when I get there, we will load up the Tahoe and head to the boat. So I’ll be back in about 20 minutes, cya’.
I tried to remain calm in the chair, almost like I would doze off. I put on that really tired look. Jim looked around once before he went out the door, mostly from habit, he saw Chuck almost asleep in his chair. As soon as the door closed, Chuck was out of his chair and went over to the window. He took his coffee cup to hold in case Jim came back. He often just looked out the window so it was nothing out of character. Chuck wanted to see Jim exit the building and cross the street. Once he saw Jim in the sub shop he went over to the secure computer and processed the transfer.
Some piece of shit in Afghanistan was going to get $3,500,000,000 minus a 5% handling fee. Most likely this was a bribe paid to the president of crapastan to keep the poppy fields bare for another year. One little step on the stupid war on drugs. Who were they trying to kid, everyone knew the government wants the war on drugs to continue forever. It’s the perfect jobs program. The drug dealers keep the cops and alphabet soup agencies busy. The lawyers and judges have lifetime jobs. Prisons have to be built and staffed. The medical industry has the rehab scam that
never works and the low life users keep the whole social welfare system going. The big circle of life in the drug wars. What a joke.
Chuck finished with the transfer and went to the Windows directory, recent log file and deleted the hit to the transfer program. He then went to the recycle bin and deleted any trace from there. He exited back out to the log in screen. The computer log in history was something he couldn’t do anything about, but all it really showed was that he checked the computer. The physical transfer record was secured with no way for him to access that. That’s what the long weekend was needed for, a head start. He went back to his office and called up the inter agency jet service and asked if space was available for the jet scheduled for NZ.
No problem the secretary said, only 2 NSA techs are going down, be at the airport office around 6:30 pm.
I said thanks and hung up the phone. I double checked my briefcase to be sure everything was there, I dropped in my sig 226 and some extra mags. I had my little CIA badge, this carried big weight in other countries in allowing carried weapons. Especially in civilized countries, non-civilized countries just required an extra fee. I was faking a nap in my chair when Jim came back in.
‘Hey! Chuck’ he called out, ‘foods here’.
I got up and slowly walked out to the lunch area we had in the office. I sat down and thanked him for the sandwich. We sat around and ate. We talked about the football games that would be on all weekend and how Jim was going to miss them all by rocking around on his boat.
He just smiled and said, ‘TiVo!, I will come back and watch the good parts’. I kept up the chit chat by asking him about his boat. He went over to his desk and pulled out a key chain with some pictures attached in a little portfolio, Jim handed it to Chuck. I took them and studied the pictures, and asked, ‘is this about 40 feet’?
Jim replied ‘yeah, it doesn’t have the looks of your normal classic sailboat on the east coast, but I don’t have the hassle of high maintenance either. All the bells and whistles are on it, it’s very easy to sail’.
Jim’s cell phone rang and I knew it was Adam Molder calling by the ringtone.
Jim said, ‘Hi Adam, … no nothing going on here today, Chuck and I are just eating our lunches. I think everyone skipped out for the weekend. We might close up shop early and head out ourselves, if that’s ok with you. Sure, no problem, I’ll call you if anything pops up. Enjoy the weekend, cya’. Jim finished the call and mentioned that Adam didn’t have a problem if we wanted to leave early.
Chuck said, ‘how does 3:30 sound to you’?
Jim said, ‘sure, it’s a dead day. Nothing is supposed to happen until late next week anyway’.
Chuck got up, ‘ok, I think I will try call JoAnn, wish her a happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure she will be with her fiancé’.
Jim said, ‘Fiancé? When did this happen’.
Chuck said, ‘oh, about a week ago. Her guy is a cop, pretty steady guy, I think he’s a keeper’.
Jim said, ‘well tell her congrats from me, I’m going to clean up my desk and wait around for a while’.
Chuck said, ‘yeah, good plan. I’ve been zoned out all morning and I need to get a couple of reports finished up. Thanks again for getting lunch’.
They each got up and cleaned up their messes and went to their offices. Chuck was thinking that things were going very well. He ran through the items he had to do before heading for the plane. As soon as he gets home he needed to transfer the funds out of the temporary CIA account and bounce it around a little before placing it in his private account. He was very computer security minded and never did any of his private stuff at the office. He had his home swept for any devices every other week and he didn’t have a router at home. He used a hard line from the telecomm modem and he used a high level encryption program for everything private. If he had to do some ‘on the edge’ work on the internet he would use the TOR network. It was time consuming and a pain in the ass, but it was safe.
Chuck was finishing up a report when Jim knocked on the door, he said it’s a little after 3:30, how you doing?
I mentioned, ‘oh, I lost track. These reports are like a black hole in your life’. I started to close the files and finally I shut off the pc. They had a routine that they followed in the office, sort of a fail-safe protocol, 1 CIA guy and 1 politico guy in the office at all times. Chuck was right in his opinion of Jim that he was a brown noser but given the opportunity, he was a bit of a slacker too. He broke a major rule when he went out for lunch and left Chuck alone in the office. Chuck picked up his case, jacket, keys and phone and walked out with Jim. They set the alarm and locked the door. A short walk later and with goodbyes exchanged they headed off to their cars. It was 3:50 pm and Chuck was in his car on his way home. He pushed it as much as he dared, it was gnawing on his mind that someone would login and check the temporary account. At 4:10 pm Chuck walked into his house. He immediately got out his laptop, turned it on and plugged in the lan cable. He was cursing how long Windows was taking to load up. Why hadn’t he upgraded the hard drives to ssd drives. Finally he got onto the bank website and made the money go bye bye. He logged onto his bank and checked his account, $225,000,000 plus change. A big smile spread across his face. Cancer or no cancer, he was going to have some fun. He had a little over 2 hours before he had to be at the airport. He walked through the house knowing he would not be back. He pulled out some photos that he wanted to take with him. He didn’t worry about minor things like tax records or bills to pay, he was going to be a ghost very soon. After about an hour of searching through photo albums and other mementos, he put them next to his brief case. He got out a small carry-on bag and put some travel clothes in it along with some meds he needed. It occurred to him to take some of his medical history info, who knows, maybe somebody on the other side of the world had an idea on his cancer. He finished off by taking a shower, putting on clean clothes and his comfortable hiking shoes. He placed his bag and brief case next to the door and then opened the brief case one more time, checking items off on the list in his head. The all-important CIA id badge, business cards, passports, account info, code book, JoAnn spy 101 kit, cash, gun and laptop. Everything someone would need for a fun filled trip. He tried to call JoAnn one more time but she didn’t answer. Chuck didn’t worry, she knew the spots to check on the net for messages in case her dad was on the move. It was always a possibility he told her when she was growing up. Sometimes he lived minute by minute he told her. If neither of them heard from each other after a few days, they would look to a personal ad posted on Las Vegas ad site. If they saw a message then they would make contact via a use once email address. They had
practiced it a few times to work out any kinks in the system, a good fail safe method. The only thing to stop this would be a global meltdown of the internet, complete anarchy or an EMP wiping out the grid which would lead to total anarchy. If that happened, get home and into the safe. Get out the hardware, then either bug-in or bug-out depending on the situation. This was the zombie option. They both laughed at this one because once it falls apart, society would not be fixed again. Not for a long time. Their plan for this one was to get to the marina, grab a boat and head out. They had a couple of marks on some charts where to possibly meet up.
It was close to 5:30 pm when Chuck headed out to the car. He opened the garage door and backed out. Watching the door shut for the last time he said goodbye to his late wife’s rose bush garden. He hated taking care of it, trimming it and controlling the bugs. But his wife loved it. One last look and he headed down the street. He would be at the airport by 6:00 pm, with any luck the plane would take off early.