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John Clark was sitting in his boss’s office waiting for him to get off the phone. His boss, Bob Olson was the CIA European division chief . He was getting an earful from his boss, Tom Snow, the director of the CIA. It appears one of the people in Bob’s department started to come back in the mail to Langley in little pieces.
Bob said, ‘sorry director Snow, Steve Hicks works under John Clark. I was told by John Clark, who is in my office now, that Steve Hicks has been on vacation since last month. He was supposed to be skiing in Switzerland. That’s what was on his vacation leave request. I can only imagine, that if it is Mr. Hicks coming back to us in pieces, he must have stumbled upon something. There are some pretty ruthless groups throughout all of Europe these days, as you know from the summaries’.
Bob continued, ‘of course we will look into this. It will be hard to re-create his movements for the last few weeks, but we will get some people on it. They must have really worked him over to get what they wanted out of him. I will have to talk with John to find out what he was working on and if it could be connected to this. But John tells me that Mr. Hicks has been based in London for the last 12 months’.
‘yes, sir. I will get back to you soon, goodbye’.
Bob Olson hung up the phone and looked at John Clark, then said, ‘well, it looks like we found Hicks’.
John nodded his head. He made a hand signal to his boss and his boss nodded then said, ‘sorry, I wont be able to make your briefing today, I have a meeting in 1 hour’.
That was a code message that they used between themselves. Even in the confines of Langley, with secure offices. They took no chances on any stray talk regarding the project they had cooked up between themselves, Bob Olson, John Clark and Steve Hicks. Now it was just between the two of them.
John got up and left the office to head out to the river park. He would get there early and make sure the area was clear so that he and Bob could have a very quiet talk.
John was at the little knoll that jutted out onto the Potomac. It was a cliff that was about 50 feet above the water. Heavy brush were on both sides and a thick tree line was 100 yards inland. John had already checked out the brush on both sides. When Bob walked up, they both faced out overlooking the river. No boats were visible so there was no chance of anyone seeing them talk or hearing anything but the wind blow.
John said to Bob, ‘well, were back to square one’.
Bob said, ‘you were right John. Sending Hicks in and pushing it was a bad move. Ok, I agree now, we go with your plan. The slow move. Who you got in mind’.
John said, ‘yeah, it’s slow but trust me, this will work. Ok, I have been watching the crowd come off the farm for a while. Looking for what we need. Last year, this girl came out, Suzie Osaka. She hit top marks in all her classes. She has her masters in computers, mainly in the area of business management and security. She has a minor in mathematics and business. Her parents are Japanese, both professors and a university in North Carolina. She is drop dead gorgeous and very sharp. I got her into the research lab, working on new tricks with Sam Cruz. He has been teaching her about encryption and the use of our little gadgets.’
John continued, ‘you know my idea. Work one of our people inside of their group, gain confidence and get the data. I figure, we giver her some crash courses in off shore international banking, and wall street manipulations. Then get her over there and have her set up shop as just another computer shop offering security services. We push a few people to cause problems, internet wise. She magically has solutions, the right people hear and start to notice her. Pile on more trouble from the far left social groups and again, she has the solutions. Over time, she will be the go to girl for security. If things click right, we could be on the inside in two years. Then we use the stingray and the data harvesting program to gather the banking data. We get the data and retire somewhere nice. The other parts of the idea that I had before will match in with this girl, perfectly. She will believe in what we are trying to get and then she can be left as the decoy later on’.
Bob asked, ‘what about our Davos guy, Heinrick Muller. Think he will play along’?
John said, ‘yeah, I am positive. This guy is on a very low rung of the social ladder over there with those people. He wants a leg up. I have fed him a few things over the years and he has profited nicely by the tips. Just dangle the big carrot in front of this guy and he will help us get her on the inside. All these elite guys care about is money and gaining more power and influence’.
‘When he starts to make some huge profits, his buddies over there will want a piece. He is the perfect middle man, very greedy and not at the top of the gene pool. He will believe 100% that I can provide him with wall street insider information and that we can affect trading. Then, through Suzie, he will have access to my information if he can get us inside their security net for the yearly meetings. Once inside, we pull off a few more security miracles and dangle the wall street deals in front of their noses.
Heinrick knows the security angle is a CIA front and it to be a rogue, non sanctioned action. Just some poor government CIA employees that want to make lots of money and divert the proceeds to the Caymans. He believes that for me to make money in the stock game I need to hide within a larger group. They will make the lions share and we hide amoung the herd, avoiding any insider trading investigations. Heinrick will help us to make money as long as he makes more money. Of course, being a snobby upper crust that he sees himself as. He will stoop down to assist us as long as we know our place on the ladder. He will know nothing of the data gathering aspect’.
Bob said, ‘every time I hear you explain the operation like this, I feel better about the outcome. It’s too bad I wasted the time with Hicks. When do you think you can move ahead on this’?
John said, ‘I would want Suzie to be up to speed on all of her back ground schooling. The banking and wall street stuff will have to be second nature to her. She will have no problem with the technical side of things from internet security. She will need a little more knowledge on the wireless, cell phones, but that wont be long. I will dangle the opportunity for her to be a critical part of a major anti
terrorist operation. Also, how this could be a stepping stone for major advancement. Aside from playing the part of getting on the inside of their security setup, she will think that the gathering of the bank data to fight the terrorist flow of money is the ultimate goal. Very believable’.
Bob said, ‘so once she is on the inside. We slip in the hardware to start collecting bank accounts and passwords. I still don’t like to rely on her to get the data back to us. I think we need someone to physically get it and bring it back to us’.
John said, ‘yeah, I agree with you. What I was thinking was after she has established herself, we introduce a boyfriend onto the scene. He comes and goes as he has a job that bounces him back and forth. We tell her that at this late stage in the operation, we only can use direct contact to transmit any instructions. As she is aware of the fallacies of all electronic communications. She will see the simplicity of a hand written note. Written in front of her to pass the message and then burning the note. Clean, not even any vocalization of the message’.
Bob said, ‘yes, very clean. Then once the data is collected the boyfriend picks it up and brings it back to us. Its all encrypted too, so it would be safe short of a full NSA attack to get at the data’.
John said, ‘correct. As far as the boyfriend knows, he is just returning a hard drive. An errand boy. Both Suzie and the boyfriend will only know that this operation is to obtain confidential information, emails and phone calls. The target group is the various Davos players, the supper wealthy. We are tasked with this mission as it is believed that these people have a very strong link to international terrorism. This is the reason the funding for the project exists’.
Bob said, ‘and once we have the bank accounts and passwords, we come in and clean up. It could be billions in those accounts. Great plan there John, too bad you didn’t go into the crime business’.
John laughed, ‘are you kidding. Only the lower end staff still believe in the lofty goals of protecting the country. Shit, almost everyone near the top rungs are figuring out there own scam. The pension just isn’t big enough and with the knowledge we acquire,
theft is easy. Grease a few politicians and you have free reign to go cowboy’.
Bob said, ‘yee-haw’. I also like the idea of using the Colombian drug guy as a way to muddy the waters when the money passes through the Caymans. A few passes through his accounts and the CIA drug accounts. Nobody will be able to track it down’.
John said, ‘when I found out that Carlos Mendoza had ambitions to elevate his retirement to a respectable European local, I knew we found our guy. He thinks he can buy his way into the fold of the Davos elite. They will let him hang with them just for the color it will add to their lives. I am sure that when ever he shows up to one of their parties or such, he will be reminded to use the back door when he leaves’.
Bob said, ‘I have the green light to proceed with the operation from the congressional oversight committee. As far as their concerned, we are ok to proceed in obtaining any information that leads to terror links. They have no idea of our target group as I mentioned that informing them of that information could leak out and jeopardize the mission. An honest to god open check book on our search. They saw the need for not naming the target group because of leaks in the past’.
John said, ‘so should I put things in motion. Get Suzie and the techs on board’?
Bob said, ‘go for it, I’m getting old and I want to retire’.
John said, ‘by the way, I have also decided to put tracking devices on Suzie and the hardware. She wont know about it. I just want to know where everyone and everything’s is, all the time’.
Bob said, ‘I agree. We got the ok from the top. Let’s use our resources on this’.
Suzie entered the office of the deputy director for Europe. She had no idea what was going to be discussed. She thought back over the last two years that she worked in the computer tech section. Nothing entered her mind as to any possible reason for the meeting.
The secretary showed Suzie in when John Clark got off the phone. She had on her business suit today. She normally wore much more casual clothes for her job. But when she got the email yesterday regarding the meeting, she went shopping for a suit. It felt uncomfortable but tried to relax as she sat down.
John Clark said, ‘good morning miss Osaka. Thank you for coming on short notice’.
Suzie said, ‘good morning Mr. Clark’.
John said, ‘I am sure you’re a little confused. Just relax, this is a good meeting’.
Suzie had her hopes up now.
John continued, ‘I have watched your progress since you came out of the farm. You have an excellent record for getting very technical programming completed. Your lead tech, Sam Cruz speaks very highly of your computer abilities. We are putting together an operation in Europe. It will be a very small but highly important operation. Extremely high technical skill is required for the key component. That is where you might be able to help us. First of all, are you interested in doing some covert field work. Don’t worry. You wont be breaking into safes or scaling cliffs with your gun in your teeth. No, we need someone that can setup and run a computer security business’.
Suzie said, ‘you want me to sell pc’s?’
John laughed, ‘no, but that’s a good one. I’ll tell the director that one’.
Suzie turned a little white.
John continued, ‘this will be a long term deal, a couple of years. Your front will be a security expert dealing in all aspects of computer and cell phone operations. We will create situations where some hacks are directed towards a group of people. We will give you the means to defeat these hacks and identify the hackers. Over time, we hope to win the trust of this group. If our plan works, they will come to rely upon you for their security at their yearly meetings.
We have a member from their group that will assist your being noticed so that you might infiltrate the organization. Once inside, we hope to be able to acquire personal data about these people. We have an approved operation to locate terrorist sources of finance. Would this be something you might be interested it’?
Suzie was jumping inside, she said, ‘yes, I would like the opportunity. But I think I wouldn’t have nearly the experience to do this’.
John said, ‘that’s not a problem. Your focus in the tech section will be adjusted for you to gain the knowledge of the tools you will need. Your other training will be provided so that you can be very well informed on wall street operations. Mainly insider trading and stock manipulation. Also, cell phone strategies and computer security operations. I know you excelled at computers in school but you have to be able to sell your services. This you need to learn. Also, the branch office that you will be running is part of a world wide security service that we have set up. We only deal with a very select group of clients. Most of those other shops actually pay their way by providing security service. This shop will be focused on gaining access to the data we want. So you will have name recognition behind your shop.
Suzie said, ‘for running an operation such as this, I would think you would want someone older for the position’.
John said, ‘for most business situations, sure. But the computer field has most of the brightest and most innovative ideas coming from the mid-twenties crowd. Mister 40 something would stand out. Your generation lives and breaths technology’.
Suzie said, ‘yess, that’s correct. I could not exist without my connected world. I will probably be inline when they start offering implants to be connected’.
John said, ‘well it sounds like I picked the right person. Your definitely interested and you have the intelligence to make it work. A lot of stuff, you will have to do on the fly. We will get you trained up so that you can open up your security shop and be credible from day one. You’re a one girl show at the start. You will have to hire local help to actually perform the mundane normal pc work. You will save the target crowd for yourself. We will have Sam set up a fool proof way to communicate and to provide support. Later on, when you are close to getting inside, we need to introduce a boyfriend. He will be able to travel back and forth to the U.S. and bring you secure
updates and instructions. When we get this far in, no more messages by email or data disks. Only written on paper then burned. They will have very high security on their side also. So we go dark on any communications that they could pick up on. So, how does it sound now’.
Suzie said, ‘yes sir. I am very much interested. Where in Europe might I be stationed’?
John said, ‘well, lucky you. I see you like to ski. How does Davos Switzerland sound’?
Suzie said, ‘that’s fantastic, I love to ski. I hope I have some time for it’.
John said, ‘well you should. Part of your cover is you’re the total tech nerd. But you actually get outside in the sun from time to time. Of course you never go anywhere without your technology. You get the reputation that you sleep with your laptop and phone. They will be surprised to learn you have a boyfriend later on. They wont have any need to deal with him. He will not in any way even try to care about your job or the people you work with. He will be a workaholic like you, but tied to banking or something foreign to what you do. Still interested’?
Suzie said, ‘yes, when do I start’.
John said, ‘fantastic, that’s the attitude. I will get the classes organized for you to start right away. In the mean time, Sam will start to show you around a more dark side of our technology. That’s all for now. Go back to more comfortable clothes for your training. No sense in being uncomfortable, it slows down learning. Towards the end, you will get some instruction on dressing and acting around them. Just a little, so you don’t bother them. But you will still keep on the American persona that always annoys them. You don’t want to look like a phony to them, they will pick up on that’.
Suzie got up, shook hands and left the office. She felt great. Wow, what an opportunity.
The next few months were harder and more crammed with classes than anything she went through in college. She was getting inside information on many different subjects that would take years to obtain in the real world. She was learning everything that was current and in the pipeline on pc networks and cell phone technology. Both wireless and hard wired pc connections along with how to break into smart phones. The stock market training was
invaluable. The tricks of the trade on wall street using high frequency trading was amazing. She would easily be able to plan and build a massive portfolio with what she is learning. Of course that would be on the side.
Then once you have the money. Everything you need to know on moving the money around and hiding it in off shore accounts. She would practice doing transfers of money through the CIA offshore accounts. There were many to use and she had account numbers and passwords for all of them. She was taught how to move the money around so no body could trace it back to the origin.
Suzie arrived in Davos on a snowy fall day. It had been months of hard training and now she was ready to begin. Sam had come up with an ingenious way to communicate. It was through online roll playing games and only Sam and Suzie knew of this method. Suzie and Sam would dive into the 3d world of fantasy gaming. Inside the game, if a player would do or perform certain moves, this would signal a message being sent. The corresponding action would be referenced in a private meeting chat room. Heavily encrypted messages could be typed and then wiped. Suzie would let it be know that when ever time allowed, she would be in the game. It was her way of relaxing.
As planned, the shop was setup and running when she arrived in Davos. This was done by the management company that oversees some of the other branch stores. Two employees were hired. An office receptionist that handed out general information inquiries and a security tech worker. He would be available to go out on routine calls that came in. The receptionist also handled some clients.
The business plan that Suzie had been familiarized with was put into action. Suzie greeted her employees, Monica and Arnold when she arrived. After putting her bag in her office she met with them to set the normal day to day procedures.
Suzie said, ‘hello, Monica, hello Arnold. Welcome to Security Systems, my name is Suzie Osaka. This branch office is not expected to be profitable for quite some time. So don’t worry about layoffs if there is no business right away. It will come’.
She had some prepared material that she brought with her to get the two employees up to speed with the office operations. She handed it out and explained the tier system of potential business clients and how each of them would work at different levels.
Suzie said, ‘for the most part, I will be in my work area and will have only minor contact with the daily operations. The business model Security Systems has developed has been very successful in the other shops. We will have weekly progress meetings as to what has happened or what is coming up. Also, the work hours we set up are very flexible. Really once the client base forms, most calls from the clients will go directly to whomever is handling that customer. Just keep a reasonable work log and turn it in every week.
Remember, we are on the cutting edge of security. So I expect both of you to spend lots of time on the net, keeping up to date with trends in hacking. Join in and become involved with these guys. They have some really far out ideas and always push the limits. We have to know what is being pushed out there. This way we can develop methods to defeat their attacks. Anyway, even though I am through that door back there, please contact me via email. Of course I will be around for our weekly updates. For the first couple of weeks, we will meet every other day to work out startup bugs. Make lists rather than tackling each little problem one at a time. Lets bring the problems out on the meeting days and we all work on them at once. Also, put any requests for equipment you want and I will get the main offices to rush our requests. I guess that about covers things for now. I want to get back to my area and start on my list of needs to get setup. Remember, I am from the U.S., so don’t worry about the way I act around here. That’s why were a country of mavericks. But we get things done. Ok? Have fun, I will see you guys later’.
Suzie headed back to her work area. She set down her laptop bag and Smartphone. She never let these two out of her sight. As expected, her office was already set up with everything she needed. She turned on the desk top pc and noted how it was setup. She would rarely use this machine anyway but she tweaked a few of the settings to her preferences. She sent an email to the main office letting them know she arrived and they were open for business. This daily report was a way for Suzie to report back to her boss, John Clark. During the initial phase of the operation, all important conversations were handled though her laptop or Smartphone. These were encrypted of course. As the operation matured, different methods would be used. She would always assume that these offices were monitored by the target group. If not now, it most likely will be in the future. They hold security to a high standard also.
She looked through her soft travel bag at the gadgets Sam had put together for her. The variety of gadgets impressed Suzie and what she could do with them. The most important items were the laptop and Smartphone. To say they were modified a little would be an understatement. The newer laptops got away from the handy pcmcia slot. But like all older technology, they gave way to faster and fancier tricks. She had a usb plug in Wi-Fi card and software to perform covert searches over nearby phones/pcs.
A real slick item was what appeared to be a connector between two usb cables. It was very small and compact, it was placed over an existing usb port. You would only notice it on a very close examination of the targets pc. Once installed, it would allow Suzie’s pc or Smartphone to gain access to all drives on the target pc. It also key logged the targets keystrokes to grab login details and passwords.
Sam had another group, dirty tricks guys, make a few changes to Suzie’s graduation pen from college. It now was a stun gas weapon. Press down the button clicker of pen in a certain sequence, close your eyes and hold breath. The stun gas dissipates quickly in 4 seconds but will leave the victim stunned for 30 secs.
Suzie pulled out her 3d goggles and action glove. She would be using these when playing the online game. During the training time with Sam, they came up with a way to secretly communicate while inside the game. On her computer was a simple list of meanings to certain motions in the game. To an outsider, it meant nothing, no correlation to the real world.
Suzie finished unpacking and did a search on the desk top pc to locate exercise gyms nearby. There were two in the town. She would make a trip over and check them out later. Even though she was small in size, 5’ 4”, she could pack a wallop. She was trained on many different weapons at the farm but felt her life long exposure to martial arts would be more beneficial to her. She had been in martial arts since a little girl. Suzie followed the Bruce lee methods and Brazilian mixed fighting form, but lacked the bulk and mass to be effective. She relies on speed and targeting weak points instead. Suzie was not a Barbie type, but she could dress up and act the part if needed. Her usual outfit was mainly sweat pants, sports bra and running shoes. An old Casio does everything watch, barometer, temperature, compass…that sort of thing.
A week after she was settled into her routine, Heinrick Muller came by to introduce himself. Suzie had been informed by John Clark that this initial meeting of the contact would happen soon after she was settled in.
Heinrick had called Suzie first to schedule an appointment. It was unheard of in these cultural circles to simply drop by. That’s an American custom not followed in old Europe.
Suzie came out of her work area and met Heinrick. He was a tall thin gentleman with a refined look about him. Suzie had dressed up a little for the meeting that day. She assumed that most likely he would offer her tea or lunch and needed to be presentable out in public.
After their initial conversation, Suzie introduced Heinrick to the other two in the office. Suzie then suggested to Heinrick that they go back to her work area for further discussions.
Heinrick said, ‘Miss Osaka, you have just arrived in our fine little alpine village. I should show you around a little. May I offer you lunch at the charming restaurant with a great view of the valley. It’s half way up the mountain at the ski fields’.
Suzie said, ‘that would be wonderful. Let me get my things’.
Suzie came out from her office a minute later with her coat and her computer bag.
Heinrick said, ‘oh, this wont be a working lunch so you wont need your computer’.
Suzie said, ‘sorry, I never leave with out it’.
Heinrick led Suzie out to a waiting Mercedes limo. She climbed into the back and sank into the soft seat. As they drove through town, Heinrick was pointing out different shops for clothes, pastries, sports equipment, best deli shops and so on.
It took about 20 minutes to arrive at the base of the ski field. The door was opened for Suzie and she got out. Heinrick exited his side when the driver opened his door for him. Suzie noted that he expected this type of treatment.
They walked over to the cable cars to take a gondola up to the restaurant. The view was amazing while they were going up the mountain.
Heinrick said, ‘this is a safe place to talk. We get into the cars without any warning so it would be hard for someone to monitor our talks. John Clark and I are working together on this operation. I will be helping you meet some of the more important people that will be coming to our yearly meetings. Most of the higher ups tend to come by this peaceful valley a few times a year.’
Suzie said, ‘yes, I was told to expect a visit from you after I settled. But I can think of a few ways to monitor this gondola, so lets
not discuss any business in places like this in the future. We have to be very careful in our actions and any loose talk. So lets set a precedent now. We do not discuss any of our business unless I can be certain of our privacy. I will put my sunglasses like this, Suzie hung her sunglasses on her blouse or t-shirt below her chin. This is a very common practice and would not bring attention’.
Heinrick said, ‘I understand. You people have much more training at being suspicious than I do. But today, if we talk business. I will only mention to you names of companies or people that might be interested in the security services you provide. If you know what I mean’.
Suzie said, ‘yes, I understand. Just friendly advice from a respected member of the community’.
Heinrick said, ‘yes, this area and its families have a long history. You will be impressed’.
Suzie and Heinrick spent a couple of hours having lunch and sitting out on the deck drinking wine. Suzie was amazed by the number of the super wealthy that had properties around the area. Looking out over the valley and the surrounding mountains she could understand why they had estates here. Even though they would only come by occasionally. During the time they were having lunch, many different people would come by and say hi to Heinrick. Heinrick would always stand to greet them and then introduce Suzie to them. Heinrick explained about the security service that Suzie offered and that he was considering using her services at his home and offices. Many of the people agreed that in today’s world strong security must be maintained on their information systems. Suzie handed out many of her cards and said she would be most happy to talk with them. She said, ‘even if you are not interested in my services, I would be happy to comment on what you have in place. Just for peace of mind. It’s always good to see what is out there in the latest technology’. She had many positive responses and welcomes to our happy valley.
The afternoon came and went, finally Heinrick dropped Suzie back at her shop. He apologized for keeping her away from her work all day. They stood outside of the limo talking.
Suzie said, ‘nonsense Heinrick, I should apologies to you for the time and information you gave to me. Let me get a little more
acquainted with the town. I will see if you have time for a follow up meeting where we can discuss ideas’.
Suzie meaning was ‘let me find a place we can talk privately, I will call you’.
Heinrick said, ‘of course. You get settled and when your comfortable, call me’.
They shook hands and Heinrick got back into his limo.
Suzie walked to her shop and entered to go back to her work place.
The secretary at the reception desk said, ‘way to go boss, that’s one of the big, important families in the valley. He has business ties and connections all over Europe’.
Suzie said, ‘yes, today went well. It’s late, see you tomorrow. I will be working a little while longer’.
The months passed and the business had steadily increased at Security Systems. The lions share of new customers went to Monica and Arnold. They mostly helped business owners and some lower end wealthy individuals with their pc security. They were fairly busy monitoring their clients to keep them happy and to try and drum up new customers as well.
Suzie had a couple of clients in addition to Heinrick. Heinrick was her first customer and it was just for show as his system was very secure. He switched over to Security Systems and he let his other elites know about his satisfaction.
After these few months, Suzie had prepared a large list of the elites and some of the local more wealthy individuals. She passed this info along to John Clark for the next phase.
This next phase was to enlist the use of local left leaning hackers. Not directly, but through suggestion by people that had influence over the hackers. Of course this was directed by John Clark.
The result of the light phishing and hacking attacks upon some of the people on the Suzie’s list resulted in more sign ups to Security Systems.
One of the higher elites was targeted with a more severe attack. His financial and personal information was compromised. With Heinricks suggestion, they brought their problem to Suzie.
Suzie’s direct involvement allowed her first penetration into the elite world. She knew of course the nature of the attack and was
able to isolate and block any further intrusions. This was not enough for the elites ego. They wanted someone to pay for this breach and wanted identities of the attackers. Suzie was caught a little off guard but said she would track them down through her equipment at her office and report back to them.
When Suzie returned to her office, she prepared a special report that would include a few key words. These would be decoded by her boss. She waited for the reply, knowing it would be the next day before she would hear any message. She kept busy in the office until Monica and Arnold had left for the day. Suzie locked things up and set the alarms for the front office. She went to her work area and waited a little for Sam to be online.
An hour later she had a popup message on her laptop that Sam was in the game room. Suzie put on her gaming gear and went into their 3d world. They played a few games of battle and passed along some coded moves. Both Sam and Suzie had worked up an extensive list of descriptions to be able to talk without talking. By piecing a few of the codes together, Suzie was able to pass on what had happened today and she was waiting for a response from boss 1. Her code for John Clark.
Sam said that it sounded like things were starting to pick up. It will soon get interesting. Sam said it would be good to see her when she comes back for her 6 month visit. They played a little longer and finally signed off.
Suzie put away her gear and was getting ready to go home. As per her usual routine, she reviewed some digital video of very discrete cameras she had placed outside of her business. Nothing had popped up as unusual over the months she had been monitoring the outside activity. Tonight though, she noted a new car that was still parked down the street, even though it was well past closing time for the shops in the area. There was no restaurant traffic in this area so it raised a little flag. She made a note of the vehicle. Before she left, she checked her compact 9mm which was always in her laptop bag. Tonight she moved it to her coat pocket. She also double checked her motion activated night camera inside her office.
Nothing happened as she left Security Systems. She reset the alarms and went to her car. All her sensors were on but nothing happened. She reminded herself that she probably had been a little
too relaxed over the past few months and needed to step up OPSEC a little.
Her drive home was the same as any other night, no tailing cars could be seen. She opted against doing any clearing moves to spot any obvious tails. They would know where she lived anyway.
Once inside her apartment, she changed into exercise clothes and made it look like she was cleaning her apartment. She actually was looking for any signs of intrusion. All of her tell tales were in place that would signal that someone had entered. She showered and had some dinner before bed.
She was tossing around in bed and decided to get up and scratch the itch that was bothering her. She turned on her laptop and viewed the security cameras for her apartment. Even though it was common for many cars to be parked out on the street in front of her apartment. One car stood out, it had been snowing and its windshield was cleared by the wipers. Also you could see the engine was running to keep them warm. Ok, she had eyes on her now. Time to be very careful. She prepared and sent a coded email to her boss, ‘eyes on me.’
She moved her 9mm under her pillow after putting a glass on top of the door knob to her apartment. She went back to sleep but did not sleep well.
The next day at work she just kept up the normal routine. Mid afternoon came around and Monica called into Suzie’s office ‘Miss Osaka, you have a call from the corporate office in New York’.
Suzie said, ‘thanks’ and picked up the line and said ‘Suzie Osaka here’.
‘Miss Osaka, the is Tom Edwards in New York, how are you today.
Suzie knew it was her boss John Clark. ‘I am fine here, things are going great. The clients are starting to come in more now that we have shown what service we can provide them’.
John Clark said, ‘yes, I can see by the reports that come in that I believe you will bring the shop into profitability before our projected deadline. Congratulations, I hope you are taking a little time to enjoy yourself. I know how you techies are, careful or you will burn out. Have you gone skiing yet? I hear the slopes are terrific’.